Day-to-day life at Bupa

As a Bupa GP, you would find that your days are like any other day as a doctor - it can always bring unexpected surprises and challenges.

Your typical day

At Bupa, you will find your time is protected to ensure you are as productive as possible and have the appropriate time to carry out your duties.

You will have a defined amount of work; the majority of which is health assessments for corporate clients as well as for individuals.

You will also see clients for GP appointments where you may encounter any kind of medical problem or query.

When you aren't with a client, you may be taking care of admin or assisting with colleagues - for example, reviewing notes or results. As a result, you will spend most of your time at your desk, in your room.

Communication is an important part of your role, and you will find most is done by email.

Although you may finish earlier, your scheduled day will end around 5.45pm.

The above information is typical for our employed GPs and we try very hard to create a structured workplace, where your workload and hours are generally known in advance. We also have roles for self-employed GPs, which offer a different structure with the ability to work more flexibly. This allows those doctors to choose a routine that works for their needs and some use this flexibility to continue to work within the NHS, to teach or to further their own studies.

There are also a mix of working environments spanning our clinics as well as sites at corporate clients where we provide a range of services. Regardless of location, all our doctors have great links to other medical specialties to ensure our customers and patients receive the best possible care and a seamless service. Working for Bupa gives you the opportunity to join a network of clinicians who continuously share learnings and not only support one another, but contribute to the development of our products and services. We are trying to innovate and constantly improve our services and this presents opportunities to progress and to experience different aspects of the organisation - everything from the commercial side of our operations through to ways to improve advanced healthcare.